"Great Tour, the Tour guide Rocked!!!!!!!" - B. Wanner

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Well worth it!

I had a wonderful time on this cruise. The captain was very informative and gave a lot of interesting information about the history and background of the houses and yachts, and you could actually understand him through the speakers and sound system which was a big perk. The houses and yachts were beautiful and I was able to enjoy the sun at the same time! I would recommend this to anyone.

-H. Kutchera

Very Delightful

I have taken this cruise many times and I always take out of towners if they have never done it before. Our most recent tour guide was very good and pleasant as most of them have been.

-Miles Cohen

Very enjoyable cruise

The cruise was very nice. We saw some very nice homes (mansions) with beautiful yachts in front. The captain and MC was great - very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. He even let me drive the boat for a bit! We saw the homes along Millionaires Row, and the cruise ships in Everglades Port. The 90 minute cruise went very fast. There was a bar downstairs, with tables and chairs, and we sat upstairs where there were chairs in the sun and some under a shade. Overall alot of fun, and would definitely recommend.

-Paul Dubeman

Beyond Expectations

The tour operators were hospitable, knowledgable and enjoyable. The cruise was beyond our expectations as it was filled with tidbits of information that everyone asks themselves, yet frequently is not included in a harbor tour. We also appreciated that no one solicited for tips, so doing it was was our choice. We enjoyed it immensely.

-C. Holmes


I write to you from Sunny South Africa after an extensive vacation to America, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our stay at Sunny Isles in Miami

afforded us the opportunity for a day trip to Fort Lauderdale and the purpose of our visit was to take a cruise on the CarrieB which we booked without hesitation from South Africa. We envisaged a 'Mississippi River Boat' Ride and we weren't disappointed! Turning the corner and a few paces from our drop off point on Las Olas we were amazed to find the CarrieB docked on the New River! What a wonderfully narrated tour presented with clear audibility that could be heard from any position on the boat with clarity of speech. This unsurpassed beautiful scenic journey from River Walk that took us to the Port of Miami and Star Island and returned will forever remain in my memory. Well Done Captain ! CarrieB! You surely must lead where others will follow!

-Margaret Joy Gordon

Best Ft. Lauderdale Attraction for Out-of-Towners

Visitors from out-of-town always rate this trip the highlight of their visit. The beauty and the information are very interesting and captivating. And, you get yo relax while you enjoy it. I have taken it several times, and it is still a pleasure.

-Fred McEnany

Great Tour, the Tourguide Rocked!!!!!!!

I give this tour rave reviews and the guide/captain of the tour clearly has a love for his work, for the city, and for seamanship. A+++++ We will definitely take another tour through your company when we come back.

-B Wanner

Awards and Fort Lauderdale Praise

New Times - Broward/Palm Beach: Best Of 2008

Best Place for a First Date

Evening Holiday Light Cruise Aboard the Carrie B

"Fort Lauderdale has long been called the Venice of America, but even folks who live there hardly ever see it by water ('cept for the ones with boats). This is dumb, because water is romantic, and so is Fort Ladida. Especially in December. The Carrie B. Evening Holiday Light Cruise brings visitors up and down the New River and parts of the Intracoastal while the wintertime pageantry of the town's many rich people is on full display. The boat's got a bar, some snacking options, and a low-key narrator to tune in on when the conversation hits a lull but the goings-on are so mellow that you can ignore the patter and chat among yourselves.

It's breezy out there on the waterways, so sitting close together is a swell idea. The Evening Holiday Light Cruise is a December-only thing, but the Carrie B. runs daytime sightseeing cruises all year through historic Tarpon River, past the mansions on the Isles, past Pier 66 and into Port Everglades, and then past hundreds of yachts docked near 17th Street. These waterways were the reason Fort Lauderdale was built, and the city's soul still thrums in them. Checking it out is a way more inventive first date option than dinner and a movie. First dates on the Carrie B. tend to lead to second dates elsewhere."

The Official Magazine of Downtown Fort Lauderdale - March 2006

Best Place To Entertain Out-Of-Town Guests

"Downtown residents have named Carrie B. Harbor Tours as the best place to entertain out-of-town guests. This is a great sightseeing cruise that highlights the best of Fort Lauderdale's waterways. Is there a better way to entertain guests in the Venice of the Americas than on a cruise such as this?"